12kV recloser



Product parameters:

· Outdoor installation
· Three phase three wire
· Rated voltage:3.3kV, 6kV, 10kV, 11kV, 12.5kV, 13.8kV
· Rated current: 630-2000A
· Short-circuit breaking current: 25kA
· Short-circuit closing current(peak): 62.5kA
· Standard: IEC, ANSI, GB
· Type name: UNZW-32


Unisun Electric strives to bring our customers the latest technology and competitive pricing and best service for pole mounted Auto circuit recloser

The UNZW32 series Auto circuit recloser can use on overhead distribution lines as well as distribution substation applications for all voltage classes 33kV up to 36kV at 50/60HZ power system. And its rated current can reach 1250A.

The UNZW32 series Auto circuit recloser integrates the functions of control, protection, measurement, communication,fault detection,on-line monitoring of closing or opening. 

All UNISUN Electric breaker are in conformity with IEC standards, and recommendations IEC60694、IEC6227-100. Breakers in conformity with specific country standards can also be supplied. (IEEE, GB).

Specification data sheet

Parameter nameUnitNumber of values
Rated voltagekV33
Max voltageA630/1250/1600/2000
Rated currentHz50/60
Power frequency withstand
voltage (1min)
Dry ( whitel fracture )kV185
wet (on the ground outside the insulation)95
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak value)kV185
Rated short circuit breaking currentkA2531.5
Rated short – circuit current (peak)kA6380
Rated currentpeak tolerancekA6380
4s short-term resistance currentkA2531.5
Rated operating cycle o-0.3s-co-18os-co
Rated short- circuit currentbreaking timeTimes30
secondary circuit 1 min power frequency withstand voltagekV 
  • Products can be customized by customer requirements, above data is standard data, customized data please contact us.

Overall dimension


  • Products can be customized by customer requirements, above dimension may change, correct dimension please contact us.

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