iSC6 load break switch

Load Break Switch

iSC6 Load Break Switch

MV Indoor switch disconnector

Model Number: iSC6

Product Description

Load Break Switch

MV Indoor switch disconnector

load break switch iSC6-36kv

load break switch 36kv


switch or switch combination is suitable for compose air insulation ring main unit for up to 36 kV.

it is designed for indoor applications, and meets requirements concerning human safety as well as ease of installation, operation and protection of the environment.



  • Upgradability
  • Compact
  • Maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Ease and safe to operate



units meet following standard: IEC62271-103/ IEC 62271-102/ IEC 62271-200


Dimensions and weights

630 A switch – 630 A disconnector                                                 Weight: 50 kg

load break switch iSC6 dimensions

load break switch dimensions


36KV 630 A switch – 630 A disconnector (width 750 mm)                                     Weight: 75 kg


load break switch iSC6 36kv disconnector

load break switch 36kv disconnector


Switch or disconnector and earthing switch

Gas tightness

The three rotating contacts are placed in an enclosure filled with gas to a relative pressure of 0.4 bar (400 hPa) for 12-24 kV and 1 bar (1000 hPa) for 36 kV. It satisfies “sealed pressure system” requirements and seal tightness is always factory checked.


Operating safety

  • The switch may be in one of three positions: “closed”, “open”, or “earthed”, representing a natural interlocking system that prevents incorrect operation. Moving-contact rotation is driven by a fast-acting mechanism that is independent of the action of the operator.
  • The device combines the breaking and disconnection functions.
  • The earthing switch placed in the SF6 has a short-circuit making capacity, in compliance with standards.
  • Any accidental over-pressures are eliminated by the opening of the safety membrane, in which case the gas is directed toward the back of the unit, away from the operator.
load break switch iSC6 position

load break switch position


Technical Parameters of Load Break Switch


Rated voltage (kV) 7.2 12 24 36
Insulation level
50 Hz, 1 min Insulation 20 28 50 70
(kV rms) Isolation 23 32 60 80
1.2/50μs Insulation 60 75* 125 170
(kV peak) Isolation 70 85 145 195
Short-time withstand current
Short-time withstand current 25 630A
(kA.1 s) 20 630A
16 630A
12.5 630A
Disconnector (kA/1 s) 25 630 – 1250 A 1250 A
20 630 – 1250 A
16 630 – 1250 A
12.5 630 – 1250 A
Maximum breaking capacity
Transformer off load (A) 16
Cables off load (A) 31.5 50
Switch (A) 630
Fuse-switch ** (kA) 25 20


Operating mechanisms

Reliable operating mechanism

  • Switchgear status indicator:

Fitted directly to the drive shaft, these give a definite indication of the contact’s position.

  • Operating lever:

This is designed with an anti-reflex device that stops any attempt to re-open the device immediately after closing the switch or the earthing disconnector.

  • Locking device:

Between one and three padlocks enable the following to be locked:

  1. access to the switching shaft of the switch or the circuit breaker
  2. access to the switching shaft of the earthing disconnector
  3. operating of the opening release push-button.


isc6 operating mechanism

operating mechanism



Units Type of operating mechanism
switch/disconnector circuit breaker
CIT CI1 CI2 CS CC RI Proxima
DM1-A, DM1-D, DM1-S, DM1-Z, DM2
DM1-A(*), DM1-W
NSM-cables, NSM-busbars

□ provided as standard

– other possibility

(*) 1250 A version

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