Air Insulation Switchgear

UN-Panel Air Insulation Switchgear

Medium Voltage Switchgear

Model Number: UN-Panel


Air Insulation Switchgear

Medium Voltage Distribution

The UN-Panel panel complying with the Industrial IT architecture can be effectively integrated in a system with high added value and a true ‘Plug & Produce’ mode. This product has been tested and certified as Industrial IT Enabled, Level 0 – Information. We ensures that every enterprise building block is equipped with the integral tools necessary to install, operate, and maintain efficiently throughout the product lifecycle.


  • Metal clad construction – all compartments are segregated from each other with metal sheets
  • IP4X degree of protection externally & IP5X available as an option
  • Internal arc tested
  • Independent exhaust vents for all HT compartments
  • Internal earthing switch (optional)
  • The normal service performances are guaranteed under the following conditions:

-Min. Ambient Temp.: -50C

-Max. Ambient Temp.: -400C

-Max. Rel. Humidity: 95%

  • Small width panel – 600mm up to 1250A busbar rating
  • Insulation level of 95kVp available on request
  • Option of REF 542+, composite unit for protection, measurement, control, signalling, interlock, automation and communication


The cubicle is designed and type tested to meet requirements of IEC 60694 / IS:3427.

Air Insulation Switchgear cubicle

Metering compartment

  • Metering compartment with numerical / static / electromagnetic relays, indicating meters, lamps and control switches
  • Protection and measuring apparatus customised as per requirement

Busbar compartment

  • Spacious busbar compartment for adequate air clearances
  • Option for busbar insulation available
  • Option for shroud on joints available
UN-Panel busbar compartment

Breaker compartment

  • Test position of circuit breaker behind closed door
  • Racking in/out of breaker from ‘test’ to ‘service’ position and vice-versa with cubicle door closed.
  • Mechanical interlock to prevent racking in/out of breaker, when breaker is in closed position.
  • Live parts covered by automatic metallic shutters when breaker is racked out.

Cable and CT compartment

  • Spacious compartment to accommodate 1 set of CTs and 2 runs of cable
  • Option of rear extension to accommodate extra CTs or cables Adequate height for cable termination
UN-Panel cable and CT compartment

PT compartment

  • Withdrawable line PT provided in the breaker panel
  • Removable fuses mounted on the PT
  • Safety shutters between PT and cable compartment close automatically on PT withdrawal
UN-Panel PT compartment

Air Insulation Switchgear General arrangement drawing

UN-Panel arrangement drawing

Air Insulation Switchgear Technical details

Description Unit Rating
Rated Voltage kV 12
Rated Frequency Hz 50
Rated Busbar Current A up to 2000
Short time withstand current (3 sec) kA 26.3
kAp 66
Insulation levels kVrms/kVp 28/75*
Width x Depth x Height
up to 1250A mm 600 x 1550 x 2500
above 1250A mm 750 x 1550 x 2500
Weight with circuit breaker (approx) Kg 1000
Degree of protection
Enclosure IP4X
Between the compartments IP2X